Jul 30, 2009

S’all Good, S’all Good…

It’s all going good so far with my blogging revamp. Pictures are working just fine on Wordpress for me now, and so I’m just testing a few other things and I’ll be ready to move. If you’re interested in seeing how I’m doing on it, visit my testing blog here. I should probably be ready to move the blog after I get back from my vacation. Vacation? Oh yes, I’m going AFK from Aug. 9-15, about a week. (Don’t worry, I do have 1 or 2 AFK posts perfect for such an occasion…) But being ready to move a blog, and moving a blog, are entirely different things, the latter being dependent on how soon I can think of a good new name. Like I’ve said before, I’m horrible at making names, so It may be a while, unless I get some flash of inspiration.

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