May 26, 2009

Trying to get my groove back...

Lately I've realised that I've really lost my will to play WoW. Whenever I feel like playing, I just feel like I have better things I could be doing. Like painting my ork army. (Games Workshop) Or finishing off my Space Marine army list. (Also Games Workshop) (Hmm, another hobby that requires lots of effort and writing plans down, I detect a trend...) Or going out with friends, or catching up on my reading.

So in a mad dash to try and get my WoW playing 'groove' back, I'm taking several steps to ensure I stop getting this huge 'WoW droughts'. (WoW Drought: Where the urge to play World of Warcraft completly dries up, except for that tiny spark constantly nagging you to play.) (I also had another WoW drought when Drazmor was about lvl 19, it only stopped when I went on vacation to Spain. Sadly, that's expensive, so can't do that now.) First, I'm going to go on a mad, random achievement spree to try and pique my intrest again. Also, (This is the thing I'm hoping will jump start my WoW playing.) I've planned out every serious alt I plan to make for, well, a very long time. Yes, I am that obssessive, yes I have a problem with writing lists about WoW.So, without further ado, here is the list:

- Drazmor

-Human Paladin


Tauren Deathknight


Draenei Hunter


-Human Rogue


-Night Elf Druid


-Human Mage


-Dwarf Warrior


-Human Priest

(Yes, Taitta is a blatant reference to Wilbur Smith and the Magus Taita. (Taita was already taken on both servers a I play on.))

What's more, I've also created every last one of those characters. So I am now the proud owner of a hell of a lotta lvl 1's. I am now officially an Altoholic! Also, since I am refusing point blank to play any of them without heirloom gear, they are going to sit on my screen and tempt me every day to play them. Not should it tempt me back to playing, it will force me to lvl all 3 of my main chars faster, since I need Drazmor at 80 to get gear for the alts on Cairne, Kaitus to grab heirloom gear for the guys on Kael'Thas, and Xhazmor to get gear for that lone hordie alt over on Cairne. So hopefully, this will jump start me into playing WoW again. I'll try and post something soon, but there really isnt much to post about right now, and there honestly, truly isn't enought time in my hectic day to paint Games Workshop, play WoW, play Empire:Total War, run 2 blogs and a website, and the billion other things I have to do. Oh yeah, and actually have a life of my own.


  1. Taita! Oh goodness, I LOVED that book!!

  2. Yeah, I was rereading the series I think when I created Taitta, 1/2way though Quest I think. Anyway, now I'm thinking of making him a troll mage by loading him up with heirlooms now and just transferring him to horde when 3.2 comes out.