Apr 13, 2009

Drazmor the Busy Bee

Now that Drazmor's hit Northrend, it's time to start thinking about his future. Now, since I won't be hitting lvl 80 before 3.1 comes out, (Well, I hope not.) I've got dual-specs to think about as well. (I've decided to go Ret/Holy by the way. I know, it's the 'out there, completly useless, nobody's using it' dual spec.) Now it's pretty easy to find a good gear list online for Ret and Prot, (Honor's Code has done and awesome gear list for Ret/Prot, I love it.) so I just had to add my own little touches here and there for that one and I was good. But I'n struggling to find a good online gear list for Holy that I'm happy with. So, being me, I'm going to write my own. I'm almost certain it'll suck, but I'll scrape through. It has given me a wierd, twisted love of writing gear lists though, so I may try (fail) at wiring one for my hunter.

So I've got the Ret gear list down, and as soon as I get the Holy one done, I'll pop up a proper post. (Sorry guys, but: WoW> WoW Blogging.) I just wanted to ;et you guys know what the hell I was doing. (I konw, not posting since March 17, it's a disgrace.)


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