Mar 10, 2009

Kinda Busy...

I'm apologising in advance for the lack of posts, as I'm really busy right now and I probably won't have much time for posting this week. In fact, it's really hard even just to fit this in, but like I said, I've got a ton of important stuff that needs doing by the end of this week. Luckily, there's a server reset today, so I couldn't play WoW even if I wanted to. That's good because now I can get a good chunk of it done. Still, I'm pretty busy, so don't expect any more posts until Saturday.

By the way though. I am fixing things up around here today. I finally fixed BBB's blogroll link, I think it's been broken for at least 2 months. (Remember waay back when his feed broke? Yeah, I've been too lazy to fix it.) I've also added my Armoury links, which every blogger should do, but again, I've been putting it off. If you're wondering why I give a lvl range on all my characters, it's because I'm still actively lvling them, so knowing me I would keep forgetting to update every time I ding. This way I only have to update after I reach the cap on my lvl range. Also, I've added a Blog of the Week box, where I'll show a featured blog every week. Usually it won't be a big blog like BRK, BBB, or Blessing of Kings, since they really don't need more publicity. Plus, there's a goldmine of awesome writer out there, who many people sadly don't know about because they're too busy reading the big blogs. So too all you big, well established blogs, throw out some ole fashioned link love now and again. As you can see, the first featured blog is Wulf's Warcraft Weblog. (WWW perhaps?) WWW is a hunter blog, (One of the legion out there) and is a Marksman. (Yay! /w00t!) Actually, his post on Questhelper is the one that persuaded me to try it.

'Hunter with big gun. /approve'
Words of BRK in Wulf Warcraft Weblog.


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