Feb 16, 2009

World of Geekcraft

Ok this subject really annoys me. I don't get how just because I play World of Warcraft, I'm a geek. Yes, I may partly fit into the steryotypical geek personality in your eyes, but what I don't understand is why I'm a geek for the sole reason I play World of Warcraft. I may as well say 'you play Halo 3, you're a nerd.' See? Not so nice now is it?

It's just a game people! Yes, I'll admit, some things, such as using a WoW gide for a book report, or writing a WoW Roleplay for an English project, is going to far. All though, come to think of it, why not? People only don't do that because they know other people will laugh and riducule them. I shouldn't have to hide the fact I play WoW.

There, that's my rant for today. Since I'm gonna be gone for the next little while, I thought I should get that off my chest. Just a quick update, then I'll be done. I started working on Drzmor again, less on my DK. I think I stopped playing him mostly because Hellfire from a completly new angle, (The Horde one) is more interesting than Zangarmarsh after you've been there for 3 lvls. But I dug in, and dinged 64. I'm lovin Seal of Vengeance. But lvl 64 also means, I get to experience the wonders of Terrokar Forest.

Now many people say this is their least favourite zone in Outlands. (And considering most people don't like Outlands as a whole, that's saying something.) And I think I know why. In nearly every zone in Azeroth has a purpose in it. In Hellfire you're defeating the demon front, and that's ve emphasized. In Zangarmarsh, you're protecting the natural balance. In the Plaguelands, you're defeating the hordes of undead, in Elwynn, you're defending you're homeland. Terrokar Forest has no purpose, no problem threatening to destroy it. 'But Drazmor!' you say. 'What about that huge barren crater in the middle of the zone!' But think about it a little. Will that large crater immediatly destroy Terrokar? No. The Shadow Council are more like the Defias in Elwynn. Unlike the demons in Hellfire, where letting you're guard down for a moment could kill us all.


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