Feb 25, 2009

Sorry Guys!

Yes, I know, I keep neglecting this blog. This time I had a reason. I was testing out Wordpress, to see if I might switch Knights in Gold over to Wordpress. After much delibiration, I probably won't. The honest reason for this is, for me Blogger is just simpler and easier for a noob who's never done this before. Also, RL has kept me busy for a while now, and I simply haven't had the time. But I will be posting regularly now.

Other than that, my Death Knight hit lvl 60 yesterday. I'd been taking it really slow, and my leveling partner hadn't been on much, so I'd mostly just been doing bg's and lvling up mining and Blacksmithing. But now I've hit 60, and I'm itching to try out Dancing Rune Weapon and buy mahself a Kodo. I've always loved kodo's, and I'm gonna farm BRD to the ground if I have to for it next Brewfest. Other than that, I've just been leveling up inscription/herbalism/cooking/fishing/exploring Azeroth. Oh yea and drooling over patch 3.10.

That reminds me, I will be giving my angle on 3.10, in 2 parts, since I don't think you can do it justice in 1 post. Probably. I may have not thought this through well enough, and I may not have enough material to cover for 2 posts. I may make it 1 long post. Who knows?


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  1. Blogger is the way to go for me. If there's something I'm missing with not using Wordpress, I doesn't really matter because I'm perfectly content with what Blogger offers.

    It's good to find another person trying to level more than one character at a time! Another kindred spirit in this sprawling game.