Aug 21, 2009

Must not Forget Blog…

    Well, obviously, I’m back from my vacation. It seems WoWwise, I picked the worst week ever to isolate myself from civilization. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, it’s just so much happened in the short 6 days I was gone, it was impossible for my brain to digest it all without it exploding with happiness.

     When I got home, the first  little bit of WoW news I saw was 3.2.2 and the Onyxia revamp. So I scurried around the internetz making sure it wasn’t a big fat lie, and when I found out the facts I had a short little happydance. And after, I had an even shorter moment of silence, for the fallen, the brave, the now uncompletable Onyxia attunement quest chain!

       Then, of course, I caught wind of the ‘leaked’ Cataclysm rumors, which of course turned out to be one hundred percent true, and I nearly fainted in excitement. The only downside to it was the whole ‘human hunter’ thing. ARGH!!!! I have wanted a human hunter ever since I started playing this goddamn game 2 years ago! And now you give it to me, a few months after I finally give up and make a draenei hunter instead!?!? Now I will never get to experience the joys of a human hunter! Instead I get to stare at the spikey-haired, tentacle-faced, fat-assed behind of a draenei! Not cool!

      Then there was Blizzcon. Ah Blizzcon. It’s only one day in and I’m already excited beyond belief. Personally, I’m not watching, going to, or covering Blizzcon. I will never make that mistake again. Having the news drip-feeded to me as they get posted on MMOChampion, hoping that they didn’t miss anything, is agonizing. Next year, it’s the incredibly convenient live internet stream for me!

      And right about when I realised that, was when I realised that I really should have switched to Wordpress and gotten all of this sorted out a long time ago. I have so many posts that it would be so much better on the Wordpress blog I’d love to do! I have a name, but I’m working on a site address, and of course there’s still that weird image contrast distortion thingy going on, which is very bad, considering 2 of the most important posts I want to write are nearly completely composed of pictures. Sux.


    So on a Blizzcon note, I will be giving my thoughts on it, but in multiple posts, (It’s only the 1st day and I already have 3 posts lined up on it.) and on a Wordpress blog. I need to hurry the hell up on getting the site switch ready, so I’ll try and get everything ready ASAP. But for now, I recommend everyone go over to the official WoW Cataclysm site, and check out everything that’s there.  (There is a trailer! (Holy Sh*t! Freaking lava and destruction everywhere!!))

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